Adoption Process and Fees

Adoption Process and Fees

If you are interested in adopting a dog from Dreams Come True Rescue, please keep a few things in mind. I want only what is best for the dog. I will ask that all family members meet the dog before adoption. I will ask that if you have another dog, please bring them to meet your interested dog. If you do not own your own home, you must provide proof that the homeowner/landlord has given permission for you to have a dog. You must provide your Veterinarian's information and agree for DCTR to contact your Vet prior to adoption. You will be asked to sign a contract, promising not to sell, trade, or barter the interested dog. If for any reason you are not able to keep the dog, you must contact DCTR and return the dog to the rescue. Any adoptions fees given for the dog initially will not be refunded. I want to make sure that you, and your family are sure about giving a dog a forever home. Returning a dog is not only heartbreaking for the human, but also heartbreaking for the dog. 

Fees for the adoption process are just that. This is a non-profit rescue, any fees given are used for the initial transport of the dog to the rescue, usually from out of state, any medical that has been provided, and food. All dogs will have shot records, rabies certificate when applicable, micro-chips, and in most cases spayed or neutered.  We work with a local Veterinarian to make sure dogs are healthy before adoption.  DCTR will also require proof of spay/neuter within an appropriate amount of time for any puppy adopted, and will reimburse $100 up to 6 months after adoption and proof of procedure. 

Please understand that because you are interested in a particular dog, it does not always mean you will be able to adopt that dog. DCTR will make a final determination if a human is a good fit for the dog. While I want a home for all the dogs, I want the best home for all involved. I will also not "hold" a dog without a non-refundable deposit and risk the chance that the dog may find a forever home if an adopter changes their mind at a later date. 

Please print and initial this page, and bring to meet and greet when scheduled. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to adoption!    X_________Date: _________


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