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Hi! Can you play ball with me? That's all I want out of life, play ball, sleep, play ball, eat, play ball, sleep...did I mention I love to play ball? I'm a pretty low key kinda' guy, I like to hang around with you, but I'm not clingy. If I know you're there with me, I'm pretty content. I do like car rides, and sit pretty well, just checking things out. I'm picky about other dogs, so a quiet home by myself is just fine. I think little kids are fun to chase maybe a home with older people would be better. My Mom calls me " a quirky goofball" not sure what that means...I just wanna' play BALL! I've been here for a while because I was sick, and had to recover, but I'm a trooper and came through everything just fine...and want to find a home, so I can play ball! Please come and see me, I promise to wiggle a lot, and beg you to play ball, and definitely make you laugh! 

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