The Amazing Liberty!!!

I got a call from a good Samaritan just before the 4th of July, saying a cat was found in the woods.  She was close to death when I picked her up and rushed to the Vets where she was found to have a body temperature of 93, was full of maggots, and starving. My Vet said she would have died within two hours if she were not found. She spent 4 days in kitty ICU, then another week in foster care to get stronger. Her Vet bill was almost $1000, most of which was donated by DCT followers! She has been with me now for about a month and has made an amazing recovery! She is a bit shy at first, but will soon purr uncontrollably, beg for head scratches, and roll over for belly rubs. She is happy to snuggle next to you while laying down. She has met one of my dogs and seems fine with her. They share snacks at night! Her adoption fee will be minimal for the right family!!!


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